Visit the Local Khao Lak Market as Part of My Thai Cooking Class

Khao Lak’s Morning Market

Our Thai cooking class starts at Khao Lak’s fresh produce market situated to the north of town in our main local municipality, Khuk Khak.

Khao Lak has several markets but this is the main one the local food industry uses to source ingredients. From the crack of dawn it is a lively, busy and colourful place.

You will find pretty much everything needed to stock your Thai kitchen. There are several aisles selling fresh meats and fish. Almost half the market is dedicated to fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. There’s also curry pastes and freshly pressed coconut milk on sale as well as package produce such as rice, noodles and sauces.

Of course where ever there is a buzz of activity expect to find food vendors, of which there are plenty at the morning market.

If you want to explore Khao Lak’s other markets you will have to wait until late afternoon or early evening.

Your Thai ccoking class starts at the local market

Bang Niang Market

Khao Lak’s original evening market is located in Bang Niang, opposite the 813 Tsunami Memorial Boat. The market is open every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. The market caters more for visitors to Khao Lak. As well as the usual fresh produce and clothing stalls there are a few bars and plenty of takeaway food to eat whilst you wander around.

Build Market

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays there is the evening market and relativity new Container Market near Build Factory Nightclub. During the high season there is often live music at the food court and the new container market brings a lot more variety for shoppers than Bang Niang Market.

Khuk Khak Evening Market

Recently a new market has open for business in Khuk Khak close to the PTT Gasoline Station. It’s open every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening. This market has a much more local vibe and offers fresh produce, clothing, takeaway food and a few games and attractions for kids.


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    배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

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    1. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    2. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    1. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    2. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름?

    3. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    1. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    2. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    3. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름

    4. 배우고 싶은 태국요리 이름